Leg Press

2,200.00 KM bez PDV-a

  • Footplate adjusts for desired range of motion
  • Four-bar linkage enhances alignment
  • Variable resistance provides proper strength profile
  • Back pad angle adjusts to change exercise emphasis
  • Machine Weight 460.8 kg
  • Weight Stack 229 kg
  • Height: 180.3 cm
  • Length: 226 cm
  • Width: 109 cm
Delivery and return
Delivery and return
Shipping Information
Shipping Information
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Composition and care


The Cybex VR2 Leg Press is a Seated Leg Press that is a plate-loaded or selectorized strength station that places the user in an upright seated position in front of a large movable foot platform. Once the weight is loaded or selected the user places the feet shoulder width apart on the platform and pushes it away from the body by extending the knees and hips. This leg press has a selectorized weight stack that runs through a pulley and cable system. The weight stack goes up to 490 lbs. in 20 lbs. increments. It has an adjustable, angled seat to accommodate a wide range of user heights. The press plate is large enough for a wide range of foot positions during the pressing movement. This Cybex Seated Leg Press has an exercise placard that explains the basic operation of the machine as well as the muscle groups involved

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Težina460.8 kg
Dimenzije226 × 109 × 180.3 cm
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